Craziest Idea For Brees Foundation


Lusher Charter School bested three other finalist to win the Trust Your Crazy Ideas Challenge. The challenge is organized by the Brees Dream Foundation and The Idea Village.

breesThe competition challenges groups of young entrepreneurs to create a movement to motivate and inspire the students and teachers at their schools.

Lusher’s “I Am” buttons took first place which included a $10,000 check. Each of the members of the winning team also got $1,000 scholarships from Google.

The other three finalists, Newman, St. Aug., and Cohen College Prep each won $2,500 to bring back to their respective schools.

This is the third year for the challenge. Each of the team had five minutes to explain their ideas to a panel that included Brittany and Drew Brees.

The final pitch event was held at the World War Two Museum in the Warehouse District Monday night.


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