Cheers to Charity: New Orleans bartenders give up tips for local non-profits

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George White’s a busy New Orleans bartender.

But Sunday night, his hard-earned tips didn’t stay in his pocket.

He’s in charge of the bar at Hoshun on Saint Charles Avenue, and at the start of each month as part of the Barman’s fund, White and other participating bartenders around town give up their tips to selected charities.

More than $105,000 has been raised for charities in New Orleans, New York and Charlotte, and $35 grand locally, according to the Facebook page of the Barman’s Fund, which has chapters in each of those respective cities.

White says he and other bartenders around two have selected one night of in the month of December where 100% of their tips are will be donated to the New Orleans Women’s Shelter and Raintree Children and Family Services, a non-profit that provides homes for abused and neglected female foster children and teens.

The Barman’s Fund has also benefited the wounded warrior program among others.

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