Alabama ‘Teabagger’ Brian Downing sentenced to two years for Bourbon Street prank

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The Alabama fan who admitted to placing his privates on a passed-out LSU fan last January learned his sentence this morning. He will get two years in prison.

He’s known to most people as the ‘Bama Teabagger, but his name is Brian Downing and he’s 33 years old.

It was video shot on a cell phone camera that got him into trouble after Alabama beat LSU in the BCS Championship game in the Superdome last January. Downing was videoed in the dining area of Krystal Burger on Bourbon Street exposing his private parts and pressing them against the neck of a passed-out Tigers fan.

The video quickly went viral and Downing quickly found himself indicted on the very serious charge of sexual battery. His attorney cut a plea deal with prosecutors, however, and last month Downing admitted to the two lesser charges of obscenity.

His attorney said the plea deal would give Downing two years in prison, but that he would not have to register as a sex offender.

Judge Karen Herman official pronounced that sentence Thursday morning, but not before scolding Downing, saying, “You put aside someone’s dignity and chose to perform a prank. He didn’t have the option to say ‘no.’ It was stupid. There’s no excuse. You’re an adult.”

In court Thursday with his wife next to him, Downing learned he will spend the next 24 months in the custody of the Louisiana Department Corrections.

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