LSU: Les Miles deserves to be paid more than $4 million

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A bump of $500,000 for Les Miles appears to be imminent. With this raise, Miles will be paid more than $4 million a season.

As someone at LSU told me this week, ‘Les deserves it. He is responsible for a $100 million enterprise.’

If Les were losing, there would be no plans for another upper deck at the south end zone of Tiger Stadium.

Les Miles know this. Even at more than $5 million per season, the Arkansas job is not nearly as good as the one he has.

CaptureLSU knows this. It will be hard to replace a guy whose record is 85 wins, 20 losses.

Stability matters. In the SEC championship, the coach at Alabama, there for six seasons, will match wits with the coach at Georgia, there for 12 seasons. South Carolina is winning because Steve Spurrier was given time to build a program.

Patience doesn’t happen much in the SEC, ask Gene Chizik, but the schools that exercise some patience often reap the rewards.