Mandeville Police DWI Crackdown

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If you’re planning to drink alcohol on the North Shore during holiday celebrations, here’s a warning. Plan a safe ride home in advance.

Mandeville Police are cracking down on drunk driving.

Tis the season to gather with friends and let the good times roll.

It usually involves some measure of alcohol, and that’s okay.

“We try to be responsible with what we’re doing; make sure we have a designated driver,” Mandeville resident Blake Bourque said.

Mandeville Police say it’s not okay to drink and drive.

Kimberly Moore hauled into custody Tuesday.

Officers say the 43-year old was involved in a DWI-related hit and run.

The incident was bad timing for Moore because officers are cracking down on drunk driving during the holidays.

“The law enforcement agencies here do a really good job of monitoring for drunk drivers. There’s always an emphasis on it especially around the holiday season,” say Los Angeles DUI Attorneys.

21-year old Michael Miller was caught on tape stumbling during a sobriety test.

Miller and his buddy Stephen flint were arrested on Thanksgiving, after police say they got drunk at the Red Barn Pub.

As they were leaving, Flint reportedly drove into the bar.

“I knew it wasn’t somebody, a regular of the pub because we are a lot more responsible than that,” customer Julie Catt said.

After the accident, police say Miller and Flint swapped seats. Miller took the wheel.

“Problem is his friend was intoxicated also,” Mandeville Police Lt. Gerald Sticker said.

Witnesses told police that the men drove to a second bar.

“And as a result of that they made two arrests both for DWI out of the same vehicle,” Sticker said.

In unrelated arrests, Moore and Miller were charged with their first DWI offense. Police say Flint was charged with his 5th.

“That’s a habit he should break,” Bourque said.

Mandeville Police are working to break the cycle this season.

Bourque and his friends commend the effort.

“The last thing anyone wants during the holiday season is a tragedy,” Bourque said. “And instead of celebrating the holidays we’re mourning the loss of a loved one.”

The Mandeville Police Department will have extra officers on patrol who will concentrate on making DWI arrests during the holidays.