Twist on the Beignet: Fried Oreo Beignets at Zeke’s Restaurant

How do they eat their oreos at Zeke’s Restaurant in Old Metairie?

“No twisting off the top, no licking out the middle.”

Sous Chef, Jeffrey St. Pierre’s mastered not only eating, but making oreo beignets in a way like no other.

The recipe they use for the beignet batter is secret.  Zeke’s employee, Johnathan Garcia came up with the recipe.  The fact that the oreos are fried in the beignet batter is no secret.

“The inside gets soft, while the outside gets hard.  It makes for a delicious bite,” he said.

To complement the oreo beignets they have a cherry butter cream dipping sauce.

Zeke’s owners, Darryl and Ellen Cortello said customers have been known to drive many miles for their oreo beignets.

“We’re not a pastry shop or a desert house.  They’re coming here for the beignets, now that’s a testimonial,”  Darryl Cortello said.

Zeke’s Restaurant was featured on Gordon Ramsay’s show, “Kitchen Nightmares.”  Ramsay never tried the oreo beignets.

“They came after Gordon Ramsay.  I’m sure he would enjoy them,”  Ellen Cortello said.

An order of oreo beignets costs $6 for a half dozen.  Zeke’s sells about 80 orders a week.

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