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Do your energy bills have you seeing  RED?

Are you ready for Hurricane Season?

Whether you’re looking to protect your home against the next Big One or slash energy bills nearly in half, we are your solution. Radiant Barrier and Hurricane Shutters are essential for living in peace and comfort in Greater New Orleans as well as Southeast Louisiana.

Offering high end products at affordable pricing allows us to serve the greater masses. Let us come out today and show you how much more you should be enjoying your home. You owe it to yourself to live in comfort!

Red Renovations also offers a variety of shutter styles:

COLONIAL-The old New Orleans style shutter that has been around for hundreds of years, it’s what your mom n ‘em are used to with a modern twist.

The FULL VIEW BAHAMA-Opening to a full 90 degree angle allows for maximum visibility. When blades are closed, maximum protection against hurricane force winds!

ROLLDOWNS-Rolling shutters provide both security from the elements as well as offer protection against burglarization.BOARD AND BATTON-A french style that looks great on any home.

ACCORDIONS-An easy to use and very affordable shutter. The accordion allows for a quick fire escape as well as total security.

STORM PANELS-A very affordable way to protect your home from hurricanes. Come in both Aluminum and see through Lexan.

Red Renovations also offers the Radiant Banner:

Radiant Barrier is your ally in channeling radiant heat and allowing your attic to “breathe.” At prices that are thousands less than spray foam, radiant barrier will give you instant comfort and a return on investment within three years.

Are you interested in a very affordable way to live easier, drastically reduce energy consumption and hold on to thousands of dollars more per year? If so schedule an appointment today so we can give you a free energy audit and determine the steps necessary to start saving NOW! Radiant Barrier: It’s more affordable than you’d think.

Radiant Barrier is your ally in channeling radiant heat and allowing your attic to “breathe.” allowing your attic to “breathe.” and allowing your attic to “breathe.”

Call us today to set up an appointment or visit us online!



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