The Fools Errand That Voting Obama Out Ends All Our Problems

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Today is election day 2012, a day that was dreamed about since election day 2008. For many, today is a payback for the election of President Obama; a chance to right the wrongs he has visited on our quaint, well behaved, peaceful, frugal little republic.

I would join in these festivities today if any of the preceding were accurate descriptions of the United States, but the fact is, the country described hasn’t existed for over 150 years. Here are some little known facts conservative voters should keep in mind long after today’s votes are tallied.

Ever since the precedent setting “Assumption” of state debts in 17901 followed by Hamilton’s “Report on manufactures”2, the United States has been up to its eyeballs in debt.

Except for one brief amount of time between 1835 and 1841 the U.S. was completely out of debt3 but by the end of the 19th century the national debt was back and stood at $1,991,927,306.92 ($2 BILLION). By the end of Bill Clinton’s 2nd term and the 20th century the debt was $5,656,270,901,615.43 ($5.65 TRILLION). At the end of President Bush’s term it was $11,909,829,003,511.75 ($12 Trillion) and it ‘s now just north of $16 Trillion4.

So the narrative that President Obama created the debt monster is as real as monsters harnessing your children’s screams for energy.

Then there’s the claim that Obama has waged war against the states unlike anytime in our history. Again, the fact is that when Lincoln ordered the invasion of Virginia, which had seceded in 1861, Article III, Section III treason was committed with actual soldiers, fighting actual war. The legislative version of this has continued ever since. Obama is just the latest to treat the states as mere counties, to be ordered about by their federal overlords.

Then there’s the issue of peace. The U.S. hasn’t been at peace since the Monroe Administration pursued diplomacy to wrest control of FL from Spain. Ironically, those clamoring for a Romney Presidency are all but insuring some kind of Middle Eastern war will be waged during the entire term of the next President.

While I believe it is long past time for President Obama to either be voted out or impeached, falsely believing that his ouster brings about an end to our present calamities is an errand only a fool would run.