Landfill Owner Heebe Sues Top Letten Assistant

captureLandfill owner Fred Heebe is suing a top assistant of United States Attorney Jim Letten.

Heebe’s suit claims First Assistant U.S. Attorney Jan Maselli Mann blogged and made defamatory statements about Heebe using the handle “eweman”.

Heebe is at the center of a federal investigation.  Last spring, he made similar accusations against federal prosecutor Sal Perricone.

Soon after the accusations were made against him, Perricone retired from Letten’s office.

In Heebe’s latest suit, he claims the postings from “eweman” contain thematic and linguistic signposts that point unmistakably in the direction of Mann.


1 Comment to “Landfill Owner Heebe Sues Top Letten Assistant”

    TimGNO said:
    March 11, 2013 at 1:49 PM

    I hope he wins. Her loathsome behavior was beyond unacceptable!

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