Former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard pleads guilty on two corruption charges

captureFormer Jefferson Parish President, Aaron Broussard pleaded guilty in Federal Court today on two charges in a corruption case.

63-year old Broussard said when he got into politics as a 23 year old he was a dragon slayer, and now at the age of 63 he described himself as a dragon.

By pleading guilty he gave up his right to a jury trial and will now have a judge sentence him.

Broussard faces up to a total of 15 years behind bars and could be charged with half a million dollars in fines for the two corruption charges.

A 27-count indictment charged both Broussard and former parish attorney, Tom Wilkinson on conspiracy charges, bribery, wire fraud, and theft.  Both Broussard and Wilkinson were charged with giving a lucrative parish job to Broussard’s ex-wife, Karen Parker.  Prosecutors said Parker wasn’t qualified for the paralegal supervisor position and she was paid a salary of $323,000 over six years, while not even performing paralegal duties for Jefferson Parish.

U.S. Attorney, Jim Letten said this is ultimately a win for the taxpayers.

“We all work very hard to eliminate corruption and I think we are no longer seen as a haven for corruption.  We’re going to keep the pressure up,”  Letten said.

On Monday, Wilkinson pleaded guilty on conspiracy charges.

Broussard officially retired as a lawyer.  His attorney’s license was taken away.

A sentencing date is set for February 25th.

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