WGNO Exclusive: Dismemberment suspect Margaret Sanchez interviewed about connection to case strikingly similar to Jaren Lockhart murder

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sanchezWednesday on ABC the show “Final Witness” features Margaret Sanchez, a suspect in the death and dismemberment of French Quarter dancer Jaren Lockhart, whose body parts washed ashore on Mississippi beaches last month.  However, the interview is about an entirely different victim, Addie Hall, who was murdered in a French Quarter apartment owned by Leo Watermeier 6 years ago, at the hands of her boyfriend Zack Bowen.

Watermeier says, “I was probably the last person to see Addie alive besides Zack because she came to me and got me to sign a lease with only her name on it and then once she had that lease she went to Zack and said leave, the lease is in my name.”

Bowen and Hall gained recognition for refusing to evacuate the French Quarter during Hurricane Katrina.  They moved into Watermeier’s apartment just days before New Orleans police say Bowen strangled, dismembered and cooked Hall, then jumped to his death from the Omni Hotel.

According to NOPD Homicide Commander Lt Gary Marchese, “There was a note in his pocket directed to the police that said it wasn’t an accident.  He took his life to pay for the one he took and it has directions to send the detectives to the apartment where he said they’d find the dismembered body of his girlfriend.”

Sanchez was not a suspect in the case.  She was a friend of the victim, among a handful of others who will recreate her story on “Final Witness.”  The story of Bowen and Hall has been told by countless news stations and it’s even been written up in a novel, but what’s different about this version is that it’s told from the perspective of the victim.  “Addie shouldn’t be neglected, shouldn’t be overlooked in this because she’s the ultimate victim,” says Watermeier.  “So I think it’s good that they’re gonna try to make sure she’s not forgotten.”

It’s the last moments of life of a murder victim…remembered through the eyes of a murder suspect.

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