Jaren Lockhart murder suspects stayed, dyed hair at Metairie home hours before arrest

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captureA Metairie husband and wife say they feel used, abused and unsafe after having an on-the-run couple suspected of Jaren Lockhart’s murder in their house.

In an exclusive interview with WGNO News Wednesday, the anonymous Metairie couple said they housed Margaret Sanchez and her boyfriend, Terry Speaks the night before their June 12 arrest.

The interviewees didn’t reveal their identities because they said they were afraid for their safety.

The couple says they were unaware that days earlier, Sanchez and Speaks left Bourbon Street’s Temptations strip club with 23-year-old dancer, Jaren Lockhart, whose dismembered body parts later washed up on Mississippi beaches.

“We were best friends. I considered her my best friend for quite some time”, the woman explained with her husband by her side and their small daughter playing nearby.

Sanchez and the Metairie woman became friends in May of 2011 after meeting at Louisiana Specialty Hospital where the woman said they were treated for bipolar disorder.

“The last time we saw [Speaks and Sanchez] was the Monday before they were arrested. She packed quite a few bags, saying they were being evicted from her house and they were going to be staying the night with us.”

The unnamed woman, who with her husband contends they had no knowledge that Speaks and Sanchez could have had any connection to Lockhart’s murder also said Sanchez even brought up what was dominating the local news at the time: the fact that Lockhart went missing and had her torso, decapitated head and limbs found on beaches in Mississippi.

“‘Hey, did u hear about the stripper that went missing?’ She mentioned that a couple times.”

The Metairie couple said Speaks and Sanchez departed Tuesday after staying over the previous night, but not before dying their hair in the family’s kitchen and bathroom sink.

“Hindsight being 20/20, they were trying to hide from something,” she said.

Once it was learned Speaks and Sanchez were arrested as persons of interest in Lockhart’s murder, the Metairie couple called the FBI and would soon have several agents and police officers in their home.

A laptop and clothes were taken by authorities.

When asked if the FBI questioned her on whether she had met Jaren Lockhart, the woman replied, “yes, they had asked me, and no, I’ve never met her.”

Neither Speaks, who is a convicted sex offender from North Carolina nor Sanchez have been formally charged for the Lockhart’s murder.