NFL Players Association releases evidence from league in Saints bounty investigation

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Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma leaves a “bounty-gate” court hearing

The NFL Players Association on Monday released 16 documents which had been provided by the NFL on Friday that the league claims substantiates the accusations of a bounty program followed by the New Orleans Saints.

According to a release on the Players Association website, “On Friday, the NFL provided 16 exhibits to the NFLPA that would be used against the players in today’s [Monday’s] hearing. While the exhibits can hardly be characterized as hard evidence, the NFLPA worked with various sources to help define what the items in the exhibits meant.”

The Players Association released two PDF documents which include the NFL’s 16 exhibits. In addition, the Players Association released a third document calling it their annotated version of the exhibits. All three documents are available to view & download by clicking the links at the left.