Vilma & Smith save their brains from the “No Future League”

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The No Future League or NFL is at it agin, this time throwing the folly of a new collective bargaining agreement back into the faces of Saints players who just 3 months ago were so eager to live under it.

WhoDats are livid over the NFL’s suspension of Will Smith & Jonathan Vilma for “conduct detrimental to the integrity… of the league.” Since the League Commissioner (who wears Prada) presented no evidence for the action it leaves me wondering if the players are being cited for attempting to deal out concussions or lying about whether concussions cause permanent dain bramage [pun intended].

While Commissioner Prada is pontificating about the vaporware that is the league’s commitment to “player safety” maybe he should dole out some fines to Chris Berman, Tom Jackson and Jim Rome. After all, the network based sportscasters are the ones who so delight in voiceovers done to “the hit of the day” highlight reels every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, well every day of the week including the sabbath.

Question: Can the No Future League hold its audience of war loving Americans if it doesn’t feature what sure looks like life threatening collisions between men who are bigger and run faster than any humans since Roman prisoners ran from uncaged leopards? What’s the old saying-if it is too good to be true it probably is.

There are now over 1500 former NFL players who are suing the league for permanent brain damage caused by years of semi-concussive blows to the head on “any given Sunday” including ex Saints QB John Fourcade and Green Bay Packer great Dorsey Levens. This is what Commissioner Prada is really trying to protect: the integrity of the arrogant, culturally corrupt NFL’s bank account.

That’s why I predict there is no helmeted, “hit of the day” future for the No Future League.