“Free Sean Payton” shirts selling like hotcakes


If you didn’t see the T-shirts on the wall, you would think Dirty Coast on Magazine Street was a sports talk radio station with the way their lines burned up on perhaps the blackest day in the history of the Black and Gold.

People called and clicked and tweeted and Face Booked the minute owner Blake Haney and COO Patrick Brower put their concept on display and online.

The ‘Free Sean Payton’ T-shirt, a satirical, topical, lets-all-cry-together moment captured and then printed on 100-percent cotton to be sold in Uptown.

As the anger over the one-season suspension of Saints coach Sean Payton flowed across the social media sphere, the rapid-fire credit card ring-ups did too.

300 shirts bought before the first batch could even be printed, more than 500 sold for the day. Haney says it’s the store’s fastest selling shirt ever printed, and it’s yielded the shop a Christmas time-like register ring.

The shirts sell for $25. As of Wednesday night, Dirty Coast had only printed forty Wednesday; another 200 are expected off the press tomorrow.


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