Former Saint Tyron Hughes doesn’t hold back on “Bountygate”

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Tyrone Hughes was a Pro Bowl cornerback and return man for the Saints who zoomed his way to touchdowns for his hometown team in the 90’s. The native New Orleanian and St. Augustine grad was aggressive on defense and special teams, and he was anything but passive Tuesday when discussing what has his former team in trouble and what he and his teamates found routine.

“We had pots, or pools of money. The coaches knew about it because the coaches held the money,” said Hughes.

Hughes played for the Saints from 1993 to 95, but also played in Chicago and Dallas, and said player-funded pay for plays was part of the culture at each of his three NFL stops.

“You hurt a guy, may even end his career, (but) you’re going to feel bad about it. But you still get that pot money, just because it’s competition, and that’s what it’s all about.” guys were constantly collecting money.”

Hughes says it’s unfair to severely punish his former team for something that’s been commonplace in the NFL from before his era to this current one.

He added that none of his former teams ever intended to end careers or seriously injure opponents.

“Guys were constantly collecting money.”