Sports Law Expert Says Saints Fans’ Dream Should Survive Bounties

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As the NFL investigates the Saints for paying bounties to players who injured opponents, may fans are fearing the worst. For years, they’ve imagined the team winning the Super Bowl in New Orleans. During the upcoming season, the dream seems closer than ever before as the city hosts yet another Super Bowl.

But now the NFL could hand down a stiff penalty connected to the team’s support of a bounty system that paid players for a multitude of actions including the injury of opposing players. Former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams already confessed to the system. The big worry for Saints fans is — will Williams or the team face the tougher penalties?

Tulane Law School professor Gabe Feldman specializes in sports law. He trains the Jerry Maguires of the future. Feldman says Williams could see a suspension of six months or longer. And while the Saints will also have stiff penalties, they shouldn’t derail the hometown Super Bowl dream.

“Punishment will be limited to suspensions, draft pick losses, and fines, nothing that would hopefully interfere too much with the dream of a home Super Bowl next year,” Feldman said Monday evening outside the Tulane Law School.

He also feels the bounty investigation will not create any sort of stigma that might make it more difficult to sign the team’s top players or possible incoming free agents. Just the opposite, says Feldman, players might be attracted to the team’s attitude.