Aaron Broussard’s ex-wife, Karen Parker, pleads guilty; major blow to Broussard’s payroll fraud case

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karen-parkerThe federal case against former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard took a major turn Tuesday morning when Broussard’s ex-wife, Karen Parker, pleaded guilty to concealing a felony, or misprision – a major blow to Broussard’s payroll fraud case.

Broussard has dozens of charges pending – including wire fraud, conspiracy, and stealing federal funds – and prosecutors say he manipulated government payroll to increase Parker’s salary. Broussard maintains his innocence.

Last week Parker was served with a Bill of Information, which usually means that person will plead guilty and testify against the others involved in the case.

Parker appeared before Judge Hayden Head, who is visiting from Texas, because all the other federal court judges recused themselves because of their close ties with Broussard.