Jeremy Galmon Laid to Rest

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jeremy galmon funeralIt was a funeral fit for the little boy whose murder captivated this city. Jeremy Galmon was shot and killed September 26th as he sat inside a parked car in Central City.

Today, he was laid to rest at the First Street United Methodist Church.

Mayor Landrieu and Chief Serpas stood with the family every step of the way, as the little white casket made it’s way through the streets. Serpas says today he hopes to send a message to everyone in New Orleans. “Look at the strength of these people here who came together and said no more and that’s what’s going to stop this, you know the two guys who were involved in this shooting are cowards. this community is always stronger and more powerful than they are and we just gotta work to get the community to come out here and show how powerful it is.”

Many of the people who came out today say they didn’t even know the Galmon family. They just felt compelled to come out and show their support. Genevieve Neustadter says, “I’m glad to see that the community is throwing their arms around the family and supporting them through this tragedy.”

And as the little white casket made it’s way back to the church, the family released white doves. They say it symbolizes Jeremy’s life, and the hope they have that the violence will stop.