Toddler’s Family Delivers Message To Men Arrested In Child’s Murder

Joyce Galmon – jeremy galmon’s motherJoyce Galmon is trying to hold it together. While she’s planning her grandson Jeremy Galmon’s funeral, she learns about the Friday morning arrest of Bernell pollard, cousin to Jamiron Pollard who was arrested Wednesday.

“I’m happy to know they apprehended the suspects. They worked fast on it. And I hope they prosecute them because the violence needs to stop,” Galmon said.

While the Galmon family is glad to hear both Pollard cousins have been arrested, they have something they’d like to say to them.

“What were you thinking about when you just started shooting? You didn’t think about was anyone in the car? Your surroundings? You just decide. What were you all thinking about?” Galmon said.

“I feel the dudes who did this, I feel, you should feel real bad about this because they open fire in a spot where you’re not supposed to open fire at. They should have thought about it to themselves?” said Jeremy’s uncle, Aaron Galmon.

Aaron Galmon, misses the child terribly.

“I’m so used to playing with him everyday, seeing him everyday. He was more like my son than my nephew,” he said.

The family has a tough week ahead and knows many in the community have been with them and for that they are grateful.


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