Family Of Murdered Toddler From Last Year Reaches Out To Family Of Jeremy Galmon

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2-year-old Ja’Shaun Powell killedThe violent death of a 2 year old is painfully familiar for one New Orleans family who faced a similar tragedy last year in Central City. They want to reach out to the family of Jeremy Galmon.

Shirl Solomon reads the paper and just stares in disbelief at another grandmother who will be burying a two year old grandson, another innocent victim of violence.

“It’s so hurtful and so painful when you have a poor baby that has no chance that hasn’t done anyone any wrong, hasn’t done anything to hurt anyone, or anything and there life is just viciously taken like this. It’s just not fair to them,” said Solomon.

Galmon was killed by a bullet in Central City Sunday as he sat in his grandmother’s car. Police are still hunting for the child’s killer or killers.

In early January of last year, 2-year-old Ja’Shaun Powell was murdered. The main suspect: his father Danny Platt, who admitted to the crime, over child support.

While Shirl Solomon still grasps for closure over the death of her grandson Ja’Shaun, she really wants to reach out to Jeremy’s grandmother and other family members.

“My heart really goes out to this family. I know what they’re going to go through, because I’ve walked in their shoes. It’s not just me saying I’m sorry about what happened or I sympathize with you. I’m walking in their shoes. So I know some of the issues and battles they’re going to face,” Solomon said.

Solomon has one strong suggestion for this family that she says they’re going to need now more than ever.

“Pray real hard. Ask God for the strength and the guidance to get you through what your going to have to get through and stick together and be there for each other,” Solomon said.

One thing that helps her cope is the tribute to her grandson she has placed on her car, with his picture showing him smiling the way she wants to remember him.

Shirl Solomon and other relatives have since moved to Texas, but were visiting New Orleans this week.

They hope to be a support to Jeremy Galmon’s family as they work to cope with this loss.